Welcome to Source One Financial Corporation.

Since 2000 Source One Financial has helped hundreds of independent automobile dealers help thousands of consumers dreams come true by providing automobile financing for individuals who have been shut out of traditional financing.

We help people through the tough times in their lives by giving them the second chance they need to re-establish their credit.

Divorce, Bankruptcy, Loss of Job or other significant life change can do severe damage to someone’s credit. At Source One Financial we take the time to review the person and transaction behind the credit report. Working through a wide network of independent automobile dealers we get people the transportation they need to get back to work and back to productive lives.

Your First Vehicle?

We also help those individuals purchasing their first vehicles. No credit history is not a problem at Source One Financial. Our network of independent dealers serves the needs of new citizens of every origin or ethnic background, everyone needs basic transportation and Source One Financial is here to serve that need.